Policy & Procedures

University of Notre Dame Campus Identification Card Policy and Procedures


Each student and employee of the University of Notre Dame is issued a campus identification (ID) card. The campus ID card serves as proof of status with the University of Notre Dame. Depending on status, the campus ID card provides access to many resources provided by and available through the University community such as dining hall meals, bookstore charging, access to buildings, use of the University libraries and athletic facilities, and a Domer Dollar program for certain on and off campus purchases. 

All students and employees must maintain and carry a current campus ID card for the entire period that they are affiliated with the University of Notre Dame. The cardholder is responsible for the care and safekeeping of the campus ID card. The campus ID card should be protected and carried by the cardholder at all times. Protecting the campus ID card reduces the risk of abuse related to privileges and funds and extends the life of the card. Holes should not be punched in the campus ID card and the use of stickers, pins, or other items affixed to the campus ID card is prohibited. The magnetically encoded information on the campus ID card may be protected by keeping the card away from magnetic fields. No one other than the person to whom the card is issued is to use the campus ID card. The campus ID card is the property of the University of Notre Dame and must be presented upon the request of an appropriate University official and may be revoked at any time by the University. The Campus Card Office will dispose of any invalid campus ID cards.

Any transfer, alteration, falsification, or forgery of a campus ID card constitutes a violation of University policy and may result in disciplinary action. In addition, fraudulent or illegal use of the campus ID card may result in criminal charges and/or civil proceedings.

The information contained on and in the campus ID card, including but not limited to the picture, will not be released to persons outside the University of Notre Dame unless required by law, in response to a valid court order or subpoena, or upon the execution of a written release signed by the cardholder. The information contained on and in the card will only be used by the University of Notre Dame for University business or for internal University purposes approved by the appointed office. Exceptions to this rule include use of the information contained on or in the card to assist in the personal protection of any person, or to comply with federal, state, or local laws.


All currently employed faculty, staff and temporary employees, as well as currently enrolled students receive an ID card upon their affiliation with the University. A retiree ID card is issued to former employees who are classified as University Retirees by the Office of Human Resources. In addition, spouses of current, regular, full and part-time faculty, staff, and retirees are eligible for a Spousal ID Card. 


1. Obtaining a Campus ID Card

Campus ID Cards (Irish1Cards) are issued by and administered through the Campus Card Office, located at 423 Grace Hall. The initial campus ID card is issued at no cost to the cardholder. To request a campus ID card, a student or employee must present a valid government-issued picture ID or passport and his or her University of Notre Dame ndID (nine-digit account number).Upon verification of the requestor’s active status a head shot photo image is taken and the campus ID card is printed. New faculty and staff should first report to the Office of Human Resources and complete the new hire process before a card can be issued.

2. Placing a Missing Campus ID Card on “Lost” Status

When a campus ID card cannot be found, the cardholder must place the card on a “lost” status as soon as possible. Placing a card on “lost” status protects the cardholder by de-activating the card privileges and funds. A cardholder must report a stolen card to Notre Dame Security Police (NDSP) either in person or by calling 631-5555. Cardholders must place a missing card on “lost” status by using the on-line service GET.ND.EDU.  Or using the GET app available on the Android Play Store or the Apple Store.  Once the card is placed on “lost” status it cannot be used until it’s re-activated or replaced by a newly printed card (see Section 8 below).  After 48 hours of being placed on “lost” status a card should be replaced in order to comply with university policy.

3. Student Meal Plan Access

University policy, as stated in du Lac, requires that every student must carry his or her campus ID card at all times. The student should obtain a replacement card from the Campus Card Office during normal office hours. A temporary residence hall access card can be obtained from Notre Dame Security Police (NDSP) after hours and on weekends. To gain access to a meal plan before a replacement card is obtained, a preset number of waivers will be made available prior to charging the student the regular price for a student guest meal due to the misplaced or lost campus ID card.

4. Building Access

Many campus buildings require a campus ID card for access. At times the cardholder's PIN will be required along with the card for entry. Should an ID card become lost the cardholder should obtain a replacement card from the Campus Card Office during normal office hours, or request a temporary residence hall access card from NDSP after office hours. Building access is active approximately 30 minutes after a replacement card is printed.

5. Domer Dollars, A Flexible Spending Account

Domer Dollars are convenient electronic funds that are remotely programmed to your valid University of Notre Dame campus ID card (typically within 5 minutes of purchase). Deposits can be made to a cardholder’s Domer Dollar account in the Campus Card office or online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Domer Dollars provide the power to make purchases at many on-campus locations and also at select off-campus merchants without the need to carry cash or credit cards. Unlike a credit card, there are no mounting debts with Domer Dollars, no interest charged, and no monthly bill – just a record of the debits made from your already deposited funds. Domer Dollars are non-transferable and non-refundable and remain active until the cardholder leaves the university. Remaining balances over $25.00 will be credited to your University account (Student Accounts for Students, and Payroll for Faculty and Staff) upon leaving the university, or termination of card privileges.

6. Unauthorized Transactions

A cardholder is liable for all unauthorized transactions. If a cardholder believes there has been an unauthorized transaction made with the campus ID card, the cardholder must report the concern and details immediately to the Campus Card Office (631-7814).

7. Campus ID Card Found by a Non-Owner

Campus ID cards found by a non-owner should be returned to the Campus Card Office or Notre Dame Security Police (NDSP) as soon as possible. NDSP forwards recovered campus ID cards to the Campus Card Office on a regular basis. Email notification is sent to the card owner’s ND email account with notification that the card was found and should be re-claimed as soon as possible.

8. Activating a Recovered Campus ID Card

A missing campus ID card that has been placed on “lost” status by the owner can be re-activated by the owner if a replacement has not already been printed. To re-activate a current campus ID card the owner can log in here .

9. Replacing a Missing, Damaged, or Expired Campus ID Card

The fee for replacing a missing or lost card is $30. If the card has expired or no longer works due to normal wear and tear it can be turned in and replaced at no charge. (Please note that an expired or damaged card must be turned in for the fee to be waived). If for any other reason a campus ID card needs to be replaced, there is a $30.00 non-refundable replacement fee payable by Domer Dollars, credit/debit card, or by charging your student account (students only). 

A cardholder can obtain a replacement campus ID card from the Campus Card Office during normal office hours (Monday through Friday). The process of having a new card printed permanently de-activates the previously issued card. The Campus Card Office staff will dispose of any invalid campus ID cards.Temporary residence hall access cards are available from Notre Dame Security Police (NDSP) during off hours and weekends.

10. Spousal ID Cards

To obtain a Spousal ID card, first visit the Office of Human Resources, in 200 Grace Hall, during regular business hours and present a Marriage certificate and picture ID. There is a $25.00 fee for each card issued starting with the first spouse card and then with each renewal.  Payment is by debit or credit card only, and spouse cards expire every five years. Spousal Card privileges include: library privileges, entry or discounts for sporting events and use of athletic facilities as outlined by the Department of Athletics; Notre Dame Bookstore and Golf Course greens fee discounts; and Domer Dollars.