Lost/Stolen Card

Placing a Missing Campus ID Card on “Lost” Status

When a campus ID card cannot be found, the cardholder must place the missing card on “lost” status as soon as possible. Placing a card on “lost” status deactivates the associated card privileges and funds. The cardholder must report a stolen card to Notre Dame Security Police (NDSP) either in person or by calling 631-5555. Cardholders should place a missing card on “lost” status by either using the on-line service or by speaking directly with a Campus Card Office staff member during office hours. Once a card is placed on “lost” status it cannot be used by anyone until it is re-activated or replaced. The cost for a replacement card is $30 payable by credit/debit, Domer Dollars or by charging your account (students only). If an active card is recovered and turned into the Campus Card Office, an email will be sent to the owner informing them that their card has been recovered.  

Option 1: On-Line 

During weekends and off-hours when the Campus Card Office is closed, or at any time, a cardholder can place the missing card on “lost” status through this link.


Option 2: In Person or By Phone

During normal office hours (Monday through Friday), the cardholder can come to the Campus Card Office in person to place the card on “lost” status. If unable to come to the Campus Card Office, the cardholder can call 631-7814 and speak directly with a staff member. A voice mail message to request that the card be placed on “lost” status will not be accepted due to the verification that must occur.