Department Charge

The Department Charge allows approved faculty or staff the convenience of using a campus ID card when charging a purchase to a FOAPAL. Please follow these steps to request or make changes to department charging rights.

STEP 1. To begin, please complete the Department Charge Request Form. Upon approval by your supervisor, the Department Charge feature will be added to your card. Once added, the campus ID card will allow the approved FOAPAL account to be used to "Department Charge" your purchase. 

STEP 2. Present your campus ID card to your server or cashier and notify them that the purchase is a "Department Charge".

STEP 3. After each charge an email will be sent to you (and your designee if desired) that contains the following information:

  • Location of the charge.
  • Amount of the charge.
  • Default FOAPAL account associated with your campus ID card — you can change the FOAPAL on the form if needed within 7 days from the transaction.
  • An electronic copy of your receipt.

STEP 4. To satisfy RSPA reporting requirements, you will be asked to simply state:

  • The business purpose of the charge.
  • Whether alcohol was served with the charge. (Please note that Department Charge should not be used for alcohol purchases).
  • The names of those in attendance.

STEP 5. Your FOAPAL account will be charged 7 days after the initial transaction date. All charges and the corresponding information are stored and available to the authorized user of the FOAPAL, simplifying reporting and reconciliation of account.

IMPORTANT - To request changes to existing Department Charging rights, please use the link in Step 1. above to access the form. For questions, please contact the Campus Card Office at

SUPERVISORS - Those requiring additional access to view employee department charge history will need to make this request via email to - Please include Name, FOAPAL, and Budget Unit(s).   

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