Temporary Employees (On-Call)

Card Issuance

Temporary Employees must first complete the required new hire paperwork with the Office of Human Resources prior to receiving an ID card. Once the paperwork is complete, Be sure to bring the necessary documentation (driver's license, passport, or state issued ID card) and be ready to take your picture!


Door access will need to be requested by your supervisor/office administrator. Please inquire with them to ensure access has been requested and is set up properly. A Personal Identification Number (PIN) is required along with your campus ID card when accessing some of the restricted areas. The 4-digit PIN is automatically assigned once your card is printed. Please click here to view or change your PIN and be sure to keep it confidential! Note: To access the PIN page you must be using restricted campus WiFi (eduroam), or be logged into the VPN. Take good care of your card and should you lose it, report it "lost" right away. If you have questions contact the Campus Card Office.  

Time Clocks

Your ID card will be used to keep a record of time worked. More information about UltraTime clocks can be found here.