Announcement: New Irish1Card!!!

Irish1card Contactless 4With the rollout of the new Irish1Card, the University will start migrating campus over to contactless card technology beginning summer 2017   

Why is the University moving to contactless?

There are many benefits to using contactless technology over the traditional magnetic stripe.  They include:

  • Enhanced security of card accounts and privileges through data encryption

  • Enhanced operational efficiencies through standardized card technology

  • Improved security and speed of transactions

Additionally, the move to contactless will be supported by a robust card system that will better position the University for future developments and applications in card technology.

What is contactless?

The new card will contain a contactless chip that will allow data to be transmitted when held to a reader. This interaction between a card and reader is sometimes described as a “touch and go” transaction.  

How will this technology be implemented?

June 2017 - All cards issued by the campus card office will contain both a contactless chip and a magnetic stripe. This approach will allow us to transition campus over to the contactless technology in stages, rather than all at once. Some of the areas making the initial transition include Campus Dining units and select residence halls.

Looking Ahead - Cards will continue to include the magnetic stripe until campus readers are completely transitioned over to contactless technology. The process of transitioning is estimated to take 3-5 years. Once completed, the magnetic stripe technology will be phased out.  


Do I need to get my card replaced?

Card Design

If this is the design of your ID card and you'll be an active student, faculty, staff or affiliate in fall 2017, then yes! But don’t worry, your current ID card will continue to work until you receive the new card this fall.



How do I get a new card?


Starting late summer 2017, we'll begin a re-carding initiative to replace student, faculty, staff, spouse and affiliate cards. However, there is no need to rush over to our office in Grace Hall for a new card...we are taking card production to a building near you!

We’ve chosen locations to make it convenient for specific groups, but you’re more than welcome to stop by any of the locations regardless of your card type to obtain your new card.  

Here is the plan:



New students will come to ID Production in South Dining Hall (SDH) to receive cards. Specific dates and times will be communicated through Welcome Weekend communications.  

Upon arrival to campus, returning students can head over to South Dining Hall (SDH) to pick up a new card. Once we finish up at SDH, our re-carding event will relocate over to North Dining Hall (NDH) where we’ll continue re-carding any students who couldn’t make it over to SDH. We’ll update this information with times as the event draws near, but for now here are the dates:    

South Dining Hall, August 16th - 25th (Times TBD)

North Dining Hall, August 28th - September 1st (Times TBD)

Faculty, Staff, Affiliates and Retirees

Beginning in mid-September 2017, we’ll be setting up ID production stations at buildings throughout campus for several days at a time. (This approach will be similar to HR’s annual health screenings). We will publish a schedule of locations, dates and times once this has been finalized. Be sure to check back this summer for more information on when and where you can stop in for a new card!


Spouse cards can be obtained at any of the re-carding locations.  Current spouse card-holders can request to have their husband or wife (employee or student) pick up the new card on their behalf.  Please note that the current spouse card must be exchanged out for the new card.   

Temporary and On-Call Staff

Card Design Temp

These cards expire annually, therefore the process for replacing them will remain the same as it is currently. So, just continue using your current card until it’s time to renew. Once you are within two months of the expiration date printed on the front, simply bring it into our office and we’ll get you a new card.    



Can I take a new photo?

Yes! We will have cameras on hand to update your photo. If the photo we have on file is more than 5 years old, you will be required to take a new photo.

What do I need to bring to get my new card?

You will need to bring your current campus ID card to exchange for the new card.

Do I have to pay for a new card?

There is no charge to exchange your current ID card for the new Irish1Card. If you do not have your current card to exchange, then there will be a $20 replacement fee (temporarily reduced from 8/15/17 through 10/20/17).

Will I have to carry an additional card?

No. The new card will have both a magnetic stripe and contactless chip. So, regardless of the type of card reader - you’ll have what you need all on one card. Also, the new card will grant you access to the same privileges as your old card.  

Will everything on my old card transfer over to the new one?

Yes. All monetary balances (e.g. Domer Dollars), door access and other card privileges should remain the same. The new card will be equipped with everything you had before.


Please check back soon! We'll be adding more information as the summer draws near. In the meantime if you have questions related to any of this information, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Campus Card Office at